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Property Maintenance Updates

Tērvete is a large property with many buildings on it. A handful of volunteers dedicate much of their summer hours both ongoing maintenance, as well as new projects and upgrades. All of this is funded by generous donations - progress is summarized here!

If you come across any items on Tērvete property that need repair or attention, please reach out to

We are always grateful for the support of the community. If you would like to contribute to these ongoing projects, please visit our donation page


Needs Attention

❗️Lielā Māja basement needs clean-up & touch-up

In Progress

⚠️ Woodshed needs to be completed
⚠️ Replacing Lielā Māja kitchen pipes
⚠️ Second floor office space


(Ongoing) Arbor plan
✅ Fallen tree on camp buildings repaired
✅ Lielā Māja second floor bathroom repaired
✅ All regular annual maintenance (grass mowing, leaf raking, etc.)



Future planned

➕ Bunkies x 2 for accommodations
➕ Bunkies x 2 for accommodations
➕ Beach-side sauna
 Beach-side change rooms & showers


 Washing machine and dryer installed in Lielā Māja (2021)
✅ Additional skylights installed in Pajumte (2021)
✅ Woodshed by Lielā Māja (2020)
✅ Grass & sod planting (2020)
✅ Beach clean-up & upgrades (2019-2020)
✅ Septic system repair and upgrade (2019)
✅ Camp building insulation. Bonus: warmth!! (2019)
✅ Lielā Māja front porch upgrade & expansion (2019)
Bunkie platforms (2019)
✅ New outhouse for campers (2018)