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Property Maintenance Updates

Tērvete is a large property with many buildings on it. A handful of volunteers dedicate much of their summer hours both ongoing maintenance, as well as new projects and upgrades. All of this is funded by generous donations - progress is summarized here!

If you come across any items on Tērvete property that need repair or attention, please reach out to tmc@tervete.org.


Needs Attention

❗️Lielā Māja basement needs clean-up & touch-up

In Progress

⚠️ Woodshed needs to be completed
⚠️ Replacing Lielā Māja kitchen pipes
⚠️ Second floor office space


(Ongoing) Arbor plan
✅ Fallen tree on camp buildings repaired
✅ Lielā Māja second floor bathroom repaired
✅ All regular annual maintenance (grass mowing, leaf raking, etc.)



Future planned

➕ Bunkies x 2 for accommodations
➕ Bunkies x 2 for accommodations
➕ Beach-side sauna
 Beach-side change rooms & showers


 Washing machine and dryer installed in Lielā Māja (2021)
✅ Additional skylights installed in Pajumte (2021)
✅ Woodshed by Lielā Māja (2020)
✅ Grass & sod planting (2020)
✅ Beach clean-up & upgrades (2019-2020)
✅ Septic system repair and upgrade (2019)
✅ Camp building insulation. Bonus: warmth!! (2019)
✅ Lielā Māja front porch upgrade & expansion (2019)
Bunkie platforms (2019)
✅ New outhouse for campers (2018)